Hello and welcome! Thank you so much for visiting my page. My name is Rachel Miller, the woman behind Restorative Body Image Coaching. I’ve never cared for the diet-culture mentality. It got the best of me, and I realize that it is an easy and natural mindset to have in our society. It can really take away from living a meaningful life and I despise that fact. I have been skeptical of diets and their stability for a long time and stayed curious about what health is really about. 

This led to my learning path and I have my Master of Education in Health Education and Promotion. During my studies I was introduced to the, “Body Acceptance Program”, and everything that came after feels like fate. It led me to the Eating Disorder Institute where I received a certificate of completion from that program as part of my graduate studies. I realized my passion is in helping those in eating disorder recovery, promoting healthier body image, and empowering others to live a full, meaningful life outside of diet-culture and its fear mongering and false messages. 

Flash forward to now, where I am a Body Image and Eating Disorder Recovery Coach. I trained under Recovery Love and Care and continue to seek supervision through RLC. The training is an intensive 27 module course that has enabled me to become a trauma- informed, intuitive eating informed, HAES (Health at Every Size) Aligned, and ethical coach. 

I know how difficult this journey can be through personal and professional experience and I want to help you manage that. If you are curious to learn more and/or interested in seeking my body image/eating disorder recovery coaching services, click here. I look forward to speaking with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ED recovery/body image coaching?

  • ED recovery coaching is in the moment support. It helps bridge the gap between sessions with me and the rest of the care team. 
  • My role as a coach is to help you target the here and now goals and support you in your recovery. I will help you do this by:
    • Identifying unhelpful beliefs, cognitive distortions, and thought patterns that keep your brain wired to continue to cling on to the ED/body image concerns. We will work on rewiring the brain to think more helpful adaptive thoughts.
    • I will help you practice coping skills, self-care, and self-compassion.
    • Holding space for you as you navigate your recovery journey.
    • Helping you break up with diet-culture, food rules, and obsessive thoughts related to food/shape/weight/exercise.
  • Recovery coaching is NOT a replacement for therapy or other medical treatment. In most cases I will work collaboratively with your other care team members to support you in the recovery process.

Who do you work with?

  • I work with those who would like to break free from preoccupation with body image, who are in recovery from an eating disorder/disordered eating, and/or are tired of having a poor relationship with food, exercise, and self.
  • You do not need to have an ED diagnosis to receive my services

Do you offer in person services?

I am currently accepting virtual clients for coaching.

How do we get started?

  • We can get started by scheduling a FREE 20-minute discovery call. During this call we will learn a little bit more about each other and see if I will be a good fit for you.
  • If you decide after the discovery call that you would like to move forward with my coaching services I will send you intake paperwork and we will schedule the intake call. During the intake call I will use the paperwork you fill out to learn more about you and what goals you have on your journey.


What is coaching?

As an eating disorder recovery and body image coach I will work with you, and in most cases your team (therapists, dietitian, doctors, etc.) to support you in your journey to rewire your brain to work towards a healthier mindset. ED recovery coaching is supplemental support for the present moment. We will work to identify cognitive distortions and unhelpful coping mechanisms and practice skills to facilitate more helpful ways of thinking.

Is coaching for you?

  • Do you find yourself just going through the motions and not really living? 
  • Are you surviving but not thriving?
  • Are you questioning your thought patterns and wondering if it is not helping?
  • Are you recovering from an eating disorder and looking for more support along with your team?
  • Do you have poor body image?
  • Do you struggle with dieting and are you tired of it? 
  • Are you interested in what else life has to offer?

If any of these questions resonate with you, I’d like to help! If you would like to learn more before committing I am happy to schedule a FREE 20 minute discovery call. Click here to set something up.

Intake call

60-90 minute session to get to know one another better as we get started 

I will be asking questions relating to the information that you filled in your intake paperwork out prior to session

We will discuss coaching more and explore what you would like form this service

Package 1 

  • 1:1 45-60 min virtual sessions 1x per week 
  • Chat support (for meal support, triggers that may arise, grocery shopping, etc.)
  • Personalized resources for continued skills practice between sessions
  • $550/month – 3 month commitment

Package 2

    • 1:1 45-60 min virtual sessions 1x per week 
    • Chat support (for meal support, triggers that may arise, grocery shopping, etc.)
    • Personalized resources for continued skills practice between sessions
    • $500/month – 6 month commitment

As needed services

If the commitment is not for you and you feel you are further along on your recovery journey this may be the option you’re looking for:

    • We will address what brings you to as needed coaching and work through challenging thoughts and practice skills to continue on a positive recovery journey.
    • Schedule as needed
    • $150/60 min session

As needed meal support

Add on if you’re looking for meal time support in addition to your package or if you do not opt in for a package but would like as needed meal support:

    • I will support your challenges during the meal and be an advocate against any challenging thoughts that get in the way of completing meal plan
    • Schedule as needed
    • Option for me to eat with you
    • $75/30 min 

Get In Touch

I want to be an accessible service for those in need. For pricing and payment please contact me to discuss.